Natta Plant News – April 2023

What a great start to 2023 we have had at Natta Plant. The new year has seen some quality additions to our fleet.

In January, we added a Vacuum Excavator to our fleet. The T Vac 2 is a compact tracked suction excavator, which allows us to provide a safer, more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective alternative to traditional excavation techniques. The vacuum excavation process can excavate very narrow and deep holes or trenches, 2 metres deep by 90mm wide. Essentially it can be 4-5 times quicker than a hand dig. The high-powered suction machine expertly removes the soil, safely exposing live utilities and services with little risk of damage. Vacuum Excavation is not only the safest method, but it is also the smartest.

From left to right: T-Vac Suction Excavator and  VW Crafter Jetting and Camera Van


We are also proud of our vehicles as well as our impressive Plant Portfolio. This year, so far, we have taken delivery of another brand new DAF 8 Wheel Tipper to update our fleet. We can be confident that our DAF Tipper will service our sites reliably for years to come. Our Tipper driver, Georgiana, was delighted to be given the tipper to drive as she celebrated her birthday the day the keys were handed over.

Natta Plant - DAF Tipper

DAF 8 Wheel Tipper


We also purchased a VW Crafter Jetting and Camera Van to work with our Utilities Team. When it comes to reliability, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better van than the VW Crafter. Finally, a Plant/Vehicle Trailer was purchased to work with our delivery van. This multi-use trailer will not only help us deliver and collect more from site, we can also recover any vehicles requiring roadside assistance. We upskilled our driver to allow him to drive with the trailer and tacho card.

So far this year we have been able to add the following: