FORS – Silver!


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Natta Plant has achieved the FORS Silver accreditation.

This accreditation proves to our clients that we are committed to road safety and also to reducing pollution on the roads.


About FORS

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme that promotes best practice for commercial vehicle operators. FORS encompasses all aspects of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection by encouraging and training fleet operators to measure, monitor and improve performance. With over 4,600 members, FORS is gaining recognition as the transport industry’s go-to accreditation scheme.

Natta Plant achieved FORS Bronze back in 2015. Now with the Silver membership, we are enabling our operators to achieve exemplary levels of best practice. As a FORS member we stand out from the crowd and we work progressively to standards above the legal minimum.

FORS accreditation drives best practice across the European fleet industry in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental protection. It also offers guidance and training to help operators attain the Standard.

A special thank you to Lil Buckle and Suzanne Bolsover for their hard work throughout the year in helping us achieve our goal.

FORS Gold here we come!